Lela Maharobeli was born on June 11, 1975. (In Georgian, her name means "messenger of good news".) Her father and mother are both artists' her father being one of the best-known Georgian artists, Avtandil Maharoblidze, a teacher to dozens of now famous Georgian artists. At eighteen, after graduation from high school, Lela began studying at the Georgian State Academy of Art and graduated from the Academy in 1999. 

Lela began to exhibit her works very early in her career in galleries across Georgia and abroad. Lela held her first Exhibitions in the United States at nineteen at the Robert Aaron Young Gallery in New York City and Sloan Gallery in Denver; she held her first Solo Exhibition at the Russian Art House in Atlanta. 

Today, Lela is married to a successful banker and is the mother of a son, Georgi. Her paintings are currently exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum in Batumi, Georgia and the in Kaizer Gallery in Germany; various private collections. 

List of exhibitions: 

1992 Center of Art -Tbilisi, Georgia 

1993 State Museum of Batumi - Batumi, Georgia 

1994 Robert Aaron Young Gallery - New York, NY 

1994 One women exhibition in the Russian Art House - Atlanta, GA 

1994 One women exhibition with the Mayer's Office - Batumi, Georgia 

1994 Sloan Gallery - Denver, CO 

1995 Vacha Gallery - Tbilisi, Georgia 

1995 WFP Office - Tbilisi, Georgia 

1996 Modern Art Gallery - Tbilisi, Georgia 

1997 Karvasala Gallery - Tbilisi, Georgia 

1998 Hoby Gallery - Tbilisi, Georgia 

1999 Georgian Art Exhibition - Kholn, Germany 

1999 Georgian Art Exhibition - Hilden, Germany 

2000 One women exhibition at the State Museum of Batumi - Batumi, Georgia 

2001 Georgian Art Exhibition - Berlin, Germany 

2001 Georgian Art Exhibition - Nuremberg, Germany