Eugene Segal



Acclaimed European Realist  

“The Art of the Palette Knife” 

Eugene Segal is one of today’s most acclaimed European Realists.  His work has been showcased in some of the most prestigious venues throughout Europe.  But it is not the acclaim that the artist seeks; it is the passion by which he was influenced that he looks to communicate in his works. 

Influenced by the master works of renowned artists like Rembrandt, Velasquez, Van Dyck, France Hals and fellow countrymen Vrubel & Serov, Mr. Segal has embarked on a new method for his work; palette knife painting, directly on canvas: “I use the palette knife in combination with a brush because combining heavy texture that only the knife can create with applied brush transparent paint gives my work a greater feeling of aliveness with the images.The contrast between the two allows for an amazing visual effect.”It is this style that has allowed Mr. Segal to win the hearts of collectors world-wide. 

Born in 1967 Russia, Mr. Segal made the decision to become an artist at the early age of five.While most can’t even comprehend the concept of making a life-altering decision at that age, Mr. Segal never waned from his dream.It was his grandfather who influenced him after years of early childhood Sundays spent in the woods, on banks of rivers and in the fields of his hometown, painting all day long.While his grandfather was a physician, he was really an artist at heart.For his grandfather, life was about enjoying the beauty of nature and the ability to see and understand all things, no matter how big or small.To him, most people lived life too fast to notice, or enjoy, the smaller aspects of life.It was this passion that his grandfather passed onto him and has served him well as an artist.  

Mr. Segal certainly took this passion to heart as he was constantly painting and drawing…on walls, on the floor, his father’s papers, and any “canvas” he could find.It was at the age of five that Mr. Segal was entered into an art studio at the Children’s Palace.At the age of 11, after his teachers helped nurture his natural gift, he was entered into a special school of gifted children in the arts.  

Four years later, Segal won his first exhibition competition; a City-wide juried exhibition of young artists.But more importantly, he achieved his first honor - having his paintings re-printed and posted all over the city in commemoration of his winning works, something that most young artists never get to experience.  

After finishing school, Mr. Segal enrolled in Kharkov Art College.After graduation in 1986, as is customary, he had to serve in the army.For the next two years. Mr. Segal would put his artistic skills to good use by painting photo-portraits of the generals and large-scale paintings of Soviet tanks and soldiers.  

Immediately after being honorably discharged in 1990, Mr. Segal began to actively take part in the cultural life of his hometown, the city of Kharkov, Ukraine.He began showing at group exhibitions.The artist quickly received invitations from various galleries to do one-man shows. 

It was at this time that a new passion in his life would become apparent.While searching for a model to use as a subject, Mr. Segal met Ylia.He was looking for someone to pose for his work, and a friend suggested a woman he knew.From the moment their eyes met, they instantly felt as if years had already passed, and a relationship was forged.They walked all night, talking and laughing.  They were married shortly thereafter.Mr. Segal calls Ylia his wife, his muse, his support and inspiration.  

After receiving critical acclaim for his work, Mr. Segal was honored once again with one-man exhibitions in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, and in Moscow.  Both exhibitions were conducted in very prestigious places:  the Russian State Duma (Russian Congress), the Central House of Art (Moscow), and in the Russian Academy of Art. 

As his works have become more and more notable, Mr. Segal was named in the book, “Important Ukrainian Painters of XX-XXI centuries,” published in 2004 by the Ukrainian National Academy of Art & Science.

Today, Mr. Segal resides in his hometown of Kharkov, Ukraine with his wife, Ylia.  

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